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Delight in nature, discover God

Have you read This Outside Life?

“When I picked up this book, I planned to learn more about God’s marvelous creation; what I didn’t expect, was to be deeply challenged by my faith in the best way. Laurie Kehler does a remarkable job of teaching us more about God’s creation, while also integrating gripping stories with scripture references. I throughly enjoyed this book and will be purchasing copies for others for years to come!”

- Amazon review from Lauren


“What a great book to sit down and feel that you are walking outside and breathing in the fresh air. This book would be recommended as a book to help take away anxiety and everyday busyness. What an excellent book to read!” - Amazon review from Anne


“This is a book anyone who loves nature, but especially for folks who love God but don’t find him in the institutional church. For folks whose spirits soar outside.” -Amazon review from Pat

When was the last time…

You stood in awe of the world around you? If it’s been so long you can’t remember, living life at a sprint might be leaving you nature-blind. If you’re feeling stressed, disconnected from God, and disenchanted with life; this book will help you find solace for your scattered soul.

Consider this your trail guide for uncovering God’s signposts in the world and revealing his fingerprints on your life.


Step outside and step into wonder


“I really enjoyed the writing style in this book as well as the comparisons between the natural world and people. This book is highly recommended for any nature lover.” -Amazon review from Ginger

The world is charged with the grandeur of God.
— Gerald M. Hopkins

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Get your free guide on
sensing God’s presence outside.

Many people tell me, “my church is outside.” Because when they step outside, and watch a sunset, they step into awe, wonder and beauty. They may not always go to church, but they definitely see God in His work room, the great outdoors.

So I put together this resource to help you connect with God through all your 5 senses. You’ll gain the ability to sense Him through sight, sound, smell, taste and touch—even in your own backyard. It’s a beautiful, 38-page guide that you can download for free and print out at home. (Your local copy shop will also print and spiral bind it for you). Below is a video you can watch to learn more.


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