Because you listen to Kathi Lipp’s Clutter Free Academy podcast, here are your free, special downloads!

    1. Free audio chapter, Chipmunk, from This Outside Life: Finding God in the Heart of Nature.

    2. Free Sense of God’s Presence, 5-day devotional and bible study guide.



    This chapter was actually inspired by Clutter Free Academy. After downloading Kathi’s PDF, “Kickstart to Clutter Free,” Laurie began looking at the things she stuffed her life with in a new light. There was waaay too much stuff! Just like chipmunks who scurry about stuffing their cheek pouches, she realized she had stuffed her life with too many things. You will enjoy her candor as she talks about her closets, her eating habits, the siren call of crafting and other ways she has behaved like a chipmunk, over-stuffing her life. Listeners will learn what things we should be stuffing into our lives as opposed to just clutter.


    A Sense of God’s Presence

    Our hearts and minds are so cluttered with extra noise and static from constant exposure to social media, email, our smart phones, schedule demands, that “quietness and rest” sound like a foreign country. Science shows that our minds and hearts do better with time spent outdoors. It’s good for our blood pressure, health and sanity. But once we step outdoors…then what? This 5-day guide will walk you through the five senses, focusing on one per day as you learn to look and notice the amazing design God put into the world He created. Sojourners will experience a renewed sense of quietness, peace and delight in the Creator.


    This video below explains the purpose of the “Senses” guide.


    In this guide, we will cover how to “notice and notebook” about sight, sound, touch, taste and hearing the work of God in our neighborhoods and in our hearts. You can use it on a tablet, or print it out and have it spiral bound. Whatever works best for you!

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